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Wellness und Waxing

Wellness Massages

If you would like to do something for your body and soul, then you should treat yourself with a nice wellness massage.  The massage will be catered to your preferences.  That means you can decide whether the pressure is firmer or a bit softer.  

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Massages und Prices:

Comfort massages as partial treatment

  • Shoulder-neck Massage
    • 20 Mins 25 Euros
    • 30 Mins 35 Euros
      40 Mins 45 Euros
  • Back massage
    • 30 Mins 35 Euros
      40 Mins 45 Euros
  • Full body massage
    • 60 Mins 70 Euros
  • Brazilian Beauty Massage

    • Massagem modeladora & turbinada
      • 30 Mins 40 Euros
        Turbinada is a Brazilian term for beautiful woman, who not only has perfectly rounded curves, but also firm skin. Turbinada is taken from the word ‘turbine’ and means fast and stron.  With this special Brazilian technique, which is mostly used in the field of beauty, fat pads are modelled on unwanted areas using a modeling massage called “massagem modeladora”.  The fat pad is comparable to a dough, that doesn’t have any fixed form yet, but can be formed over time  (= modelling).  The fat pad is formed manually using a very fast and firm hand massage technique.  At the end a special rolling device is used that is responsible for the turbine effect. This Brazilian massage technique enables you to have a firmer skin, as well as beautiful legs, belly and buttocks.  This technique can also be used on other body parts (e.g. arms, flanks), and is ideal for both women and men!
        Our tip:  In order to get the best results we recommend multiple treatments. 
        Special offer: 10 Treatments at 30 Minutes for 350 Euros instead of 400 Euros

    Full body treatment

    • Bamboo-Therapy
      • 90 Mins 130 Euros (Full body treatment)
        This massage combines techniques from the classic and the bamboo therapy.  Bamboo sticks in different sizes are used on the body parts to be treated.  Not only the muscles benefit, but also the joints as every joint will be mobilized during treatment.  A very relaxing massage that is connected with nature. 
    • Lymph drainage full body
      • 60 Mins 80 Euros
        Lymph drainage is not only found in medicinal sectors but also as a precautionary measure and to promote your general well-being.  This soft and relaxing massage promotes lymphatic drainage and the collected fluids can be extracted faster.  The treatment always starts from top to bottom.  Face and head drainage are also performed. After this treatment you will feel as light as a feather!

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